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Ok – I made a decision!

I’ve been thinking about those fabrics… And as my kids room is in pink and orange (and also a tiiiiny room), I decided to go with a fabric that has the same colours…

And the winner is….

I bought the fabrics from Drygoodsdesign, and will absolutely do it again! Wonderful Keli has been really fast responding my emails with questions, and all fabrics are wonderful!

This fabric was on sale, and I can’t wait to get it and make a new costume for the Skruvsta chair!

I also ordered some more fabric, but I’ll tell you more later, one is supposed to be a birthday gift for someone…


Lot’s of stringlights

My daughter got this cute string light some time ago from her grandparents. Unfortunally one bulb was broken so I took it to the local electric store to buy a new one, and so I did for like $2. Great deal. But when I came home and switched the broken one and plugged it in EVERY bulb broked! Gaaah! So I went today to buy 20 new bulbs, and there was not a single shop in my small town who had those bulbs…

I searched Internet, and minimun order sum was $42… Nope!



Then I found another string light bought on a flee market some years ago, but I found it less cozy and too short.

So… I found this light string, and thinking about buying it instead… I means – it’s almost as much money (ALMOST!!) and I can customize the colors. Great!

Pic 1 & 2: me, 3: Cable and cotton


IKEA hacker

Ok, it might not be a hack to put some new fabric on a furniture, but any way 🙂

I wanted SKRUVSTA chair from IKEA for some time, but didn’t wan’t to buy a new one when I was supposed to give a makeover. I did found a second hand chair! Black is really not my type of color for furnitures so my chair till get a new cover.

Now I only have to choose some fabric, hard to choose.

Fabric #1: Dot to Dot from Allergo fabric
Fabric #2: Get Together David Walker Fabric from Allergo fabric
Fabric #3: Shadow Flower Windham Fabric from Allergo fabric
Fabric #4: Heirloom Fabric from Allergo fabric

Chair: IKEA Skruvsta

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My first post – a presentation!

Hello  everyone!

I’ve been thinking about making a blog for some time and now actually seems to be the perfect time!

We (my husband to be, me and our kid) moved from a five beedrom apartment with a ceiling height over the normal into a 40 year old, 30 sq m smaller, four bedroom house with average ceiling hight. You might wonder why… Because our apartment was only rental, and suddenly we felt that we had come to a time in our lifes when we should  own a house!

We both like interior design and decorating, so this blog will be about our new home, with tiny spaces.

Hope you will enjoy!

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Just testing to write a post!