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Lot’s of stringlights

My daughter got this cute string light some time ago from her grandparents. Unfortunally one bulb was broken so I took it to the local electric store to buy a new one, and so I did for like $2. Great deal. But when I came home and switched the broken one and plugged it in EVERY bulb broked! Gaaah! So I went today to buy 20 new bulbs, and there was not a single shop in my small town who had those bulbs…

I searched Internet, and minimun order sum was $42… Nope!



Then I found another string light bought on a flee market some years ago, but I found it less cozy and too short.

So… I found this light string, and thinking about buying it instead… I means – it’s almost as much money (ALMOST!!) and I can customize the colors. Great!

Pic 1 & 2: me, 3: Cable and cotton